Virginia Chase

Executive Assistant/Development Administrator
Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi
Current Residence: Jackson, Mississippi
1) Attending social and educational events
2) Reading and responding to current events
3) Listening to and singing along with Gospel music
Most Proud of:
1) Personal relationship with Christ
2) The longevity of my marriage
3) Children/grandchildren
My life experiences have helped me to be more grateful and
thankful for the way I was raised (to remember to do what I can to serve
After much prayer and planning, my desire to work in a Christian
environment became a reality over 20 years ago when I joined REAL’s staff,
initially to assist the co-founders with their travel and the daily operations
of the ministry.
Today, I am thankful for the opportunity to utilize practical
characteristics, such as serving others and being dependable.
Over the years, I’ve worked to enhance practical office skills and to apply biblical principles, such as treating others the way I want to be treated and being mindful and considerate of how others feel, in any environment of

employment I found myself. Since working with REAL, I’ve been impacted by the dedication and hard work of those who are determined to change circumstances within their power in order to achieve attainable goals in life, using Christ as a compass.

QUOTE: A still small voice inside encourages me daily to stay on the narrow path for I only have a short time here.