Downtown on the Streets of Prentiss, MS

Rural Challenge (Exposure)

Leaders of rural, Christian ministries in Mississippi generally do not have access to people who can give them large donations of support.  These leaders are also usually in isolated locations, and because of this isolation, do not generally have access to others who are engaging in similar work with which to share concerns and get ideas on how to address those concerns. 

REAL Solution

Our main way of providing a solution to the challenge of exposure is through our fundraising celebration dinner held each October.  Annually, people gather from around the state to get a glimpse of our efforts in supporting those who are working in rural Mississippi communities to improve the quality of life for the underserved who live there.  The dinner is an occasion for these ministries to showcase their accomplishments, network with fellow ministry leaders, and enjoy a time of food and fellowship.  During the dinner, leaders meet a variety of stakeholders, possible supporters, and practitioners who have the potential of providing financial support and/or practical solutions to the questions these leaders encounter daily.  Through event sponsorship donations given to REAL for the dinner and ads purchased in our souvenir booklet, this opportunity of exposure is made possible with very little cost to the ministries we support. 


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