Ryan Weary


Why REAL?  I’ve been around volunteer and ministry work my whole life, and I have seen the benefits firsthand in the lives of people in the community.  By working at REAL, I feel that I’m able to invest into continuing the work in these areas to bless others the way that it blessed my life.  Working with REAL has made an awesome imprint on my life.  I want to see the mission and vision of REAL continue forward for years to come, so I’m here to do my part to make that a reality.

Hometown:  Mendenhall, Mississippi

Current Residence:  Richland, Mississippi

Interests:  I LOVE music (both listening to and making it), movies in general (especially dramas and superhero movies), and anime/comic culture.

Most Proud of:  I am most proud of my family, the work and influence of REAL Christian Foundation, and the ministries that we work with.

Quote:  Seeing the work that it takes behind the scenes and the day-to-day challenges that our ministries deal with has giving me a deeper appreciation for the work that God is doing in these communities.

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