Linda Jackson


Why REAL? When I first met Dolphus and Rosie Weary back in 1999, I was drawn to them in many ways.  The strangest draw was God telling me that I was going to give them $1 million.  I knew that I didn’t have $1 million to give, but I started to volunteer.  In 2006, I came to realize that I was to help them get to the $1 million through countless hours of doing whatever was necessary.  So, it wasn’t work for me.  It was a way to be a part of what God was doing.  REAL Christian Foundation is a great place for me even today after all these years.

REAL has a staff of believers in Jesus Christ.  We also reach out to our ministry leaders who are believers, so my walk with Christ has grown because of working with people who are on one accord.  At REAL, I can pray, sing, and worship, and that means the world to me.   

Hometown:  Shreveport, Louisiana

Current Residence:  Richland, Mississippi

Interests:  Traveling, spending time with family, bowling

Most Proud of:  My children: JoAnne, Albert, Jr., and Jennifer, My commitment and dedication to whatever I do, My family.

Quote:  I am a Christian, and I desire to see God in action on Earth through His people.  Being a Christian and being a part of REAL Christian Foundation is what I feel is a calling for me.

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