Chanda Roby


Why REAL?  Mississippi is usually known for being first in all the bad things and last in all of the good things, but as a Mississippian, I know that our state has more to offer than it is given credit.  As first a board member and then a staff member of REAL, I have had an opportunity to impact several communities around the state by supporting various non-profits.  Having had a chance as a public interest attorney to see social justice issues from the viewpoint of citizens affected, for- and non-profit advocates, law/policy makers, and the judicial system and having witnessed the transformative effect of indigenous leadership, I believe in the benefit of non-profits to communities.  I know organizations like REAL work for rural Mississippi communities because I am a product, having grown up in Mendenhall influenced by another such organization also formerly led by REAL’s co-founders Drs. Dolphus and Rosie Weary.

Hometown:  Mendenhall, Mississippi

Current Residence:  Mendenhall, Mississippi

Interests:  I love reading, watching television and movies, and spending time with family and friends.

Most Proud of:  I am most proud of my decision to give Christ my life, having a loving and sensitive heart for people, and the legacy I will leave behind.

Quote: At REAL, we teach people how to fish.

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