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Honorarium Scale for Chanda Roby

Chanda Roby, Esq. is the chief fundraiser for Rural Education and Leadership Christian Foundation (REAL).  REAL’s mission is to help rural, Christian ministries successfully overcome the challenges of exposure, resources, and structure.  REAL’s goal is for Chanda to speak to, present to, and/or facilitate for as many audiences as possible, not to be limited to just areas in Mississippi but including locations around the nation.  The purpose of REAL’s goal is to educate, inform, and help others be knowledgeable about the needs of those in rural communities in Mississippi, have healthy discussions regarding the same, and if possible, help develop solutions.

REAL uses Chanda’s time to help build REAL’s capacity to carry out REAL’s mission, and we ask for those interested in inviting her to speak, present, or facilitate to please remember that.  However, we are extremely sensitive to the fact that some individuals interested in having Chanda speak, present, or facilitate may not be able to afford the cost and will take those inquiries into consideration on both a limited and case-by case basis

Due to limited availability, Chanda unfortunately cannot accommodate all requests and will prioritize requests based on the information provided with each request.  Please anticipate up to two weeks for a response.  Our desire in offering speaking, presenting, and/or facilitating expertise is to build our capacity to reach out to rural Mississippi.

**Honorarium fees start at $500. –

  1. $500 – flat fee for local speaking, workshop presenting, and/or facilitating; This fee will need to be reconsidered for engagements more than eight (8) hours in length;
  2. $500.00 – flat fee per day plus travel and lodging expenses for speaking over 100 miles in the state; or
  3. $1,000.00 – flat fee per day plus travel (air or ground) and lodging expenses for speaking outside the state, especially if notice is less than two (2) weeks in advance.

**Honorarium fees are negotiable.

**In cases where there are those who cannot afford the above mentioned costs, a special donation for the speaker and/or REAL may be accepted.

**In cases where there is a higher honorarium or speaker budgeted amount, we graciously will accept.

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Reggie Weary, pictured at his father's grave


REAL Christian Foundation established the RDW Fund after REAL Co-Founders Dolphus and Rosie Weary’s son’s untimely death in 2004. As a part of their healing process, they prayerfully considered ways to bless other youth from rural Mississippi. The interest from this fund is used to provide partial scholarships to students in rural Mississippi who are connected to community-based Christian ministries REAL supports. Students can use these scholarships to cover costs associated with attending boarding high schools, colleges or universities, technical schools, and graduate seminaries. The scholarships usually range from $1,000 – $2,000 per student. The RDW Fund was designed to help rural Christian ministries develop leaders. The hope is these leaders would have a heart to come back, give back, or serve back in their communities. As of today, REAL has provided over 50 scholarships to students associated with the rural, community-based Christian ministries supported by REAL.